Xenophobia and the Nigerian Government

So Nigerians are blaming the South Africans for the rampant Xenophobia attacks going on there, while they take half of the blame by actually perpetuating the killings, I will rather take a different perspective, it might sound harsh but ……

…I have to say it,

Firstly, Can the Nigerian government honestly answer why Nigerians are continually moving out in droves to other countries?

The answer is not farfetched, they are looking for greener pastures elsewhere because the operating environment here is terrible .. I run a business and I can tell you that for free.

Until the government makes it a point of duty to make businesses thrive here (Nigeria) the hoofs and poofs about taking decisive measures against SA won’t work….

We hold the shorter end of the stick i.e we are at a disadvantaged position either way you look at it.

Telling us to boycott MTN, DSTV and Shoprite is wishful thinking, In actual fact I have made 10 calls with my MTN line today, come and beat me

On a balance of scale, even if we choose the deportation route, the last stat showed we had about 100k Nigerians in SA and less than 2000 South Africans in Nigeria.

So who will it hurt the most? Your guess is as good as mine, Nigerian Government need to wake up and smell the coffee..

Charity begins at home

Fix Infrastructures in Nigeria and these insults and killings will not only stop but we can have some semblance of respect among all those wack countries taking us for a ride.


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