Generic Earpods White


Product Features

1. Briefly play (pause) music/answer the call;

2. Double (right) headphones double short press to reduce (increase) the volume;

3. The left (right) earphone briefly touches the next (last) music;

4. Easily wake up Siri

5. Cancel the open situation and close it to the closed situation;

Product parameters 1. Product weight: 4-5g (single earphone). 2. Working time: 3-4 hours. 3. Standby time: 100/h for one ear and 60/h for both ears. 4. Charging time: 1-2 hours. 5. Single earphone battery capacity: 35mAh. 6.Charger Box Betty: 350mAh. 7. Wireless distance: 10m. 8. Compatible mobile phones: Relaxtoo headphones are compatible with Android, IOS, Microsoft, etc., 100% of mobile phones with Bluetooth.

Products include 1 *One pair of Bluetooth headsets 1 * charging box 1 * charging cable 1 * User Manual


Earpods Functions:

Automatic Matching, Intelligent Touch, Support Siri Function, Low Power Consumption

Earpods barody


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